One chapter at a time makes more sense

Don Quixote is about a million pages long, or maybe more like a thousand. So is The Count of Monte Cristo and plenty of other old classic literary tales. When someone says you should read one of these monstrous books, the task seems too daunting to begin, but what  if you changed your perspective a bit?

I’ve been reading Don Quixote for about two years, because I only read one chapter at a time, sometimes going as long as a month between reads. I recently learned that many of these old books were written in serial format, with chapters being released weekly or monthly in newspapers and such.

Reading the entire Don Quixote in a month is akin to watching the entire series of Breaking Bad in a month. It can be done, but who has that kind of time? Breaking Bad was originally written for TV, intending viewers watch it over several years. Don Quixote or Monte Cristo were likely written with the same timeline in mind.

Classic literature is a lot more fun when read one chapter at a time.


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