A road block

Today I surfed the web and landed on an independent author’s website. I clicked around until I found a link to her book for sale on Amazon and then I stopped.

This caused me to ponder an interesting idea in the world of self-publishing and internet promotion. This author had links to everything she could possibly need, like Twitter, Goodreads and Facebook pages, but when it came time to link to the one thing I could pay her for, the inconvenience of Kindle is what stopped me.

I didn’t care about the price of the book, which was short enough to read in a weekend with ease. It was the having to stop surfing and buy a book that I could only read on a kindle app or kindle that ultimately slowed me down. If the writer had a story available to start reading on the internet, I probably would have continued.

As of now, selling e-books is pretty much the only way to charge actual money for one’s writing. Paywalls on the web don’t work; I’ve tried.

When I am in the mood to read, I sometimes do so on a kindle, but usually browse the books I find on the kindle menus, which means I am unlikely to find independent authors to read. I guess what I’m saying is, as a consumer, I found that following a link to an e-book selling point didn’t work on me. It didn’t make me want to buy the book or even consider doing so.

As an independent writer, I always imagined how cool it would be to enable someone to buy my book by simply linking them to it on the internet. Now I see it really isn’t so cool and is ineffective.


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