An extension of Hollywood

If you browse through the new books the booksellers are trying to sell us on a daily basis, it becomes clear that those books are just an extension of Hollywood.

There are even books written by actors and entertainers. There are also books that are going to be made into movies or that already have been made into movies. If you think about it, a writer’s career is almost always determined by the success of the movies made after their book.

I know many people who have never read a Stephen King book, but know all his famous stories. Would Stephen King be so popular if it weren’t for the movies? I doubt it. His book It was on the bestseller list this week. Why? Because there is a new movie coming out this summer.

What is it with the fascination we have with the movies? I’m as guilty as anyone for reading books that are becoming movies. Over the winter I saw an ad for a movie called Tommy’s Honour. It’s a golf movie and I’m a golfer, so naturally I read the book. Until I saw that movie ad, I didn’t even know the book existed.



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