Tossed upon the trash heap

Tonight I browsed some popular e-book platforms while pretending to be a random consumer who might somehow stumble upon an e-book by me.

The short version of what happened was that I wound up finding many titles that were of the trashy variety, as in filthy rubbish that gives the romance genre a bad name. There were also plenty of non-romance e-books floating around that were clearly not worth reading.

So, I couldn’t help but think, if I offer a free e-book to the world, will it just float around on a trash heap of a million books, forever to be associated with refuse?

It very well could, which means I likely won’t sell any of my self-published e-books unless I tell some people about them directly, but I only know so many people and I don’t want to be that friend who is always pitching his book.

I am pretty well convinced the only e-books selling to random browsers are the featured best-seller variety with awesome covers and recommendations from other best-selling authors.


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