An afternoon of samples

Sometimes I make up my mind to read a book without sampling the book at all. This happened recently with Dragon Teeth, a posthumous novel from Michael Chrichton. The problem is, sometimes I get half way through these books and become bored, so I skip to the end and find out what happens and them move on with my life.

This method of fast-forwarding happened with Dragon Teeth, so this afternoon I vowed to read some samples of new books in hopes that one would grab me. Straight from the bestseller list, I downloaded e-book samples of The Buried Giant, A Dance of Dragons and The Wedding.

While none of these books were particularly poor reading experiences, none of them made me want to buy the book, which brings me back to a lesson I’ve had to relearn many times: Not every book is for everyone.

As a writer, it’s easy to sit down and try to think of a book that the whole world will love, but that’s impossible. Everyone has different tastes.

My search for a sample I can’t put down will continue and I’ll let you know if I find one. Have you ever read a sample that grabbed your attention and prompted a purchase? How often do you buy a book without sampling and has that ever worked out well?


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