The perfect character description

I’ve mentioned at times that I’m currently reading Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry and how it is impossible to get actors Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvall out of my head whenever reading about Woodrow or Gus, the two primary characters in the story. That is, of course, because I have seen the TV movie of Lonesome Dove long before I read the book.

Well, I ran across this passage just now, a passage in the book that describes the character of Gus and I couldn’t help but think Duvall must have read this passage before taking on the role of Gus in the movie. The passage conveys the thoughts of a character named Jake and how he hates the sound of Gus’ voice:

“It was a loud voice – the sound of it made it hard to think, when it wasn’t easy to think anyway. But the most aggravating aspect to it was that Gus always sounded cheerful, as if there was no trouble in the world that could catch him. At times when life seemed all trouble, the sight of Gus, untouched by all that went around him, was difficult to bear.”

If you’ve ever seen Duvall playing Gus in Lonesome Dove, that passage describes him so perfectly, I just had to mention it on this fine evening. Have yourself a wonderful night.


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