Audio books put me to sleep

I fell victim to an advertisement for audio books as well as a Facebook friend touting their advantages. I tried one on an airplane last week. I fell asleep.

Maybe it’s just me, but audio books are a poor substitute for books. There is something meaningful about reading the actual words with your own voice in your head. 

The theory behind audio books seems to be that reading is too cumbersome and having someone read to you is so much easier, but it almost took the fun out of it for me.

I suppose it all depends on the setting. There is something nice about listening to a book and knowing that nobody else on the plane knows what you are listening to. If you watch a movie on the plane, several people around you can tune in with you.

Of course audio books tend to me considerably more pricey than books, so I doubt I will go back to audio anytime soon when I really just prefer to read myself.


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