Survey says Twitter is useless

I love Twitter. I must say this first, because I want to be sure you understand I am not bashing Twitter with this post. So, here comes the negative stuff.

I have roughly 120 followers of a golf blog I write for my local community and I polled them all about Twitter to determine whether the platform should be used next summer. The poll revealed about 80 percent of them have zero use for Twitter. These are real people with real lives and with demonstrated use for Facebook. They almost all have no need for Twitter.

I wasn’t surprised by this poll result, because experiments with social media and blogging in the past three years have shown none of my traffic ever comes from Twitter posts. When I say no traffic, I mean absolutely zero, not one click.

Now, I am sure there are ways to generate more active Twitter users within my circle, but that isn’t worth my time. I simply used and observed and found nobody checks into Twitter like they do Facebook. There are probably lots of reasons for this and I know many others have written about those reasons. I just thought I would throw out a real-life, small-time example.




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